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TouchMD is a state of the art system that enhances Doctor-Patient relationships.

TouchMD was created out of the need for a better doctor-patient relationship and to enhance the patient experience through education. The product is a combination of hardware and an easy to navigate patient software interface
that resides in the exam room. A touch screen is placed in the exam room easily accessible to the patient. An easy to navigate software interface allows the patient to view topic driven educational information about a particular process
or procedure. This turns wait time into productive time where patients are educated about their potential diagnosis. This enables the patient to understand and communicate efficiently when the doctor arrives.
Patient statistical information is gathered and then presented in an easy to understand graphical format showing normal patient range. Doctors can then easily and effectively communicate about the patient’s personal statistics
compared to the norm. Once the doctor enters the exam room the patient is now more educated and can ask specific questions and the doctor can better help the patient. The doctor also uses TouchMD to explain the diagnosis.
And lastly the patient will have the ability to review the Patient Education Information at home via a web portal. This allows the patient to relive the visit at the doctor’s office and potentially share this information with friends or
family that did not attend the doctor visit. In the end the patient wins by being educated and informed.


Both the patient and the doctor benefit by using TouchMD. The patient is more thoroughly informed and the doctor benefits by using the waiting period to improve and enhance the patients experience through education creating positive results. The doctor/patient relationship is improved allowing the doctor to focus more attention on solutions and diagnosis.

Doctor/Staff Introduction

Each presentation is customized for the doctor and the practice. The doctor has the opportunity to introduce themselves and their practice through video or still images. The patient can then identify key staff members responsible for their care.

Topic Video Library

TouchMD uses video content from accredited sources to help the patients understand procedures and treatments. Most topics are covered in TouchMD. The product will be continually updated as the industry advances.

Case Studies

Each practice and doctor has the opportunity to show their work in the case studies section. Patients can browse through real life samples with a simple touch.


Instead of using actual case studies some doctor’s prefer to use animated modeling to show before and after images to illustrate possible outcomes.


The traditional reverse angle mirror is replaced with the interactive camera. This allows the doctor and the patient to view the patient more clearly and discuss desired results.

Pre/Post Operation Forms

By using the screen to explain pre-op and post-op care, the patient becomes more at ease and has a better level of understanding.

Web Integration

Our website links to a personal TouchMD web portal (myTouchMD). This allows the patient to review TouchMD content and share their own experience with friends and family.

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